Personal Chef International Code of Ethics - Q & A

Does the use of this logo mean my chef is accredited or certified in some way?

No. The only independent certifying body for Personal Chefs is the American Culinary Federation. Some Personal Chef associations may offer certifications exclusively for their own members. Regardless of certifications or degrees, you should check your prospective chef's references and documentation.

Are all Personal Chefs required to obey the Code of Ethics?

No. While we hope that all Personal Chefs would choose to adopt the principles of this Code (whether they officially adopt them or not), there is nothing that requires Personal Chefs to participate in this Code. If you are looking for a chef that has made that higher level of commitment, follow the link here and check the listings for your state or country.

A listing on the PCICE website is not an endorsement of any kind by any group or individual of any Personal Chef. It is a listing of Personal Chefs who wish to publicly declare their own level of commitment to ethical conduct.

Can I report a Personal Chef for unethical conduct if they aren't listed here?

You may, but the issue will likely remain unresolved. The PCICE committee only investigates claims against those chefs who have publicly committed to, and enjoy the advantages of the Code. If you provide contact information about the chef in question, you may forward it to the committee and a letter will be sent on your behalf.

What happens if my chef is listed and I have concerns about their conduct?

We encourage you to send us a report. Not all reports will fall under the category of a violation of the code. For example, if a Personal Chef arrives late or is constantly having to reschedule cook dates, these would be poor business practices but not necessarily a Code violation.

When a complaint is received and, upon review, the chef is found to be in violation of the Code, a "strike" may be entered against him (or her) in the file. When a chef has reached three strikes, they are banned from the Code of Ethics list for a period of not less than 5 years. Their name may appear on a separate "Banned" list. They may be reinstated after 5 years on a probationary basis.

My new chef showed me the Code of Ethics certificate, but I don't see him (her) on the list. What should I do?

It is possible that a chef may have received their certificate before their listing is placed on this website.

Please click here to report this to us so that we can rectify the situation and advise you accordingly.

The PCICE logo is a service mark and the unauthorized use of the logo is not only a service mark infringement but potentially fraudulent if it is being used for the purposes of gaining money.

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